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What we see depends mainly on what we look for.  -John Luubbock

So what do you see in this picture?

I see “flowers”…  Little mounds of fluffy, sunshine yellow flowers.  OK – Dandelions definitely have their own little thing going on – but I like that about them.  If they were sold in the garden center, I’m  betting you would (gulp!) buy them.  Yep.  I’m saying that you would pay money for a dandelion “flower”.  But you never will.  These little “flowers” are free spirits.  Wildflowers.  They are the happiest color in the world because, no matter what, they are true survivors.   Try as you may, you cannot crush the spirit of a dandelion. There are real lessons to be learned here – so if you’re having a bad day, I suggest you go find yourself a field of “wildflowers”… and soak in a bit of sunshine!

“If you’re feeling blue – try painting yourself a different color.” Hannah Cheaton; Age 8

From the mouth of babes; well said, Hannah!  I’m going with “sunshine yellow”.          Live happy…