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Blake shelton cowboy bootsI’m so excited…!!  The hubbie and I are headed for the Blake Shelton concert tonight – WooHoo!!!!  For those of you who are all, like, “Blake WHO??”  Country singer.  Also on the TV show, “The Voice”.  Anyway – I am ready to break in my new “cowgirl boots”, y’all!  OK… wait.  I’m not from the south, am I?  Nope.  Born and raised in St. Louis. We never said y’all.  And, by the way, it’s “soda“… not “pop“.  Never mind.  Point of the story – I like country music…!! It is, in fact, my current favorite style of music; my “go to“.  Now it wasn’t always this way y‘all.   Honestly, I have to say that I really enjoy almost all types of music, really.  There are, however, exceptions…! 

David Cassidy Cherish

It all started with “The Partridge Family” and (xoxoxo) David Cassidy.  Ya.  DEFINITELY love.  The teen years were all about REO Speedwagon and Styx. Oh ya – And “Stairway to Heaven”… right???  The “slow dance” at the end of every high school event.  Ha! College was all over the board – a little of this, a little of that.  What can I say – It was the 70’s/80’s. Then when we lived in London, I got hooked on classical music as well as the soundtracks from “The Phantom of the Opera” (including Michael Crawford) and “Les Miserables“.

Frank sinatra Greatest+Hits+cdcover


kermit the frog

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a fan of what I lovingly call, “cocktail music“; my “go to” on a Friday night with a glass of wine… Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Nora Jones… I love Christmas music and “spa” music; Nat King Cole and Josh Groban.  I love “Kermit the Frog” singing “It’s Not Easy Being Green” and “The Rainbow Connection”.   Might also add that the “John Denver & the Muppets Christmas CD”… it rocks.



Some of my current favorite country artists are Zac Brown Band (Oh my gosh – AMAZING concert!!!), Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, Darius Rucker and, of course, Blake Shelton. And here’s a little trivia for ya – my sweet hubbie, in a cowboy hat… when he doesn’t shave and gets kinda scruffy…  looks an awful lot like Tim McGraw. Yep. Not too shabby.  Just sayin’…  I will try to get a pic one of these days.  We will do a split screen.  In the meantime, a little music from my buddy, Blake.  It’s one of his songs that you may not have heard much, but one of my favs – Hoping to hear it tonight…  “Do You Remember