One of my favorite posts, definitely worth a reblog. I’m thinking about you today, Alice… Happy Birthday, my dear friend xoxo

live happy

alice taking tea

Today would have been my lovely friend, Alice’s, birthday. April 2. My birthday falls on May 2. We celebrated our birthdays together in 1987 and 1988.

Unfortunately, that was all the time we were blessed with…

alice cathy birthday

We moved to London in the fall of 1986 for a (short… way too short) two year adventure with my husband’s accounting firm.  Knowing that I only had a very limited period of time, I decided that the best way to do things was to jump in feet first; and ask questions later.  So that’s exactly what I did.  “Getting cozy” with the Brits, however, was a rather daunting task.  It was much easier to develop friendships with the New Zealanders, Aussies and the other Americans.  The British are, overall, a bit more distant and hard to get to know.  And I am the first to admit that my personality might be a bit “over the top” for them.  Regardless, I decided to…

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