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take a breakEver get those “blue” kinda days? Well… yesterday was one for me.  Not one thing. Or another.  Just kinda blah…

beachAnd I had to go to the grocery store. UGH!!! Can I just go to the beach instead??  I hate going to the grocery store… unless it’s Trader Joes.  I love me some Trader Joes. But I needed  things that I couldn’t get at Trader Joes. So I had to go somewhere else… Yuck. So off I went.  But I went with a plan.

My plan was simple, really.  I was gonna focus on all the little “happies” along the way.  First things first – a little fresh air.  Sidenote.  Those who know me well know that I am not a fan of driving around town in my car; running errands.  I will keep my “Target” list going (and growing) until we are down to the last square of toilet paper. But that was then; this is now.  One word… Pepper. Pepper is our “pepper white” Mini-Cooper convertible. And, Yes. I do believe in naming cars.  So off I went; list in hand.


I experienced “happies” everywhere. Went to “Hen House” and fresh strawberries were on sale (3 lbs. regularly $8.99; On sale for $3.88!) and they were beautiful! Not on my list, so an unexpected treat! They had my favorite coffee back in stock – A really good thing since we were completely out! (refer back to the toilet paper comment earlier…)

eggs hen house

For those of you who read my previous post, “farm fresh eggs“, you know that we were recently gifted with the most beautiful eggs; and I quote;  best fed chickens this side of the Mississippi…“.  Needless to say, we happily devoured all of those; no problem! But; like coffee; we needed more eggs. Hen House stocks eggs from a local farm – pasture raised, antibiotic free, vegetarian fed hens. And they come with a great little extra.  A sweet little note; different every time.  Mine read “Wow.  Such a beautiful day on the farm. Last night we had a nice rain shower so everything looks fresh and ready to grow!  Just like you!”  Awww… More “happies“. At the checkout I had a nice young gal who has Down Syndrome.  She always makes me think of brother Mike. xoxo   As she loaded groceries, we chatted as another young gal walked by with sweet little jingle bells on her tennis shoes.  I just smiled…

As I was walking to my car, cart loaded, I saw a car with a license plate cover bearing the name “Seaside“.  That’s our very, very favorite place/beach in Florida; where we hope to be someday… As a matter of fact, that’s exactly where we were last fall when my husband surprised me by telling me that we were getting “Pepper”!!  Coincidence?  I think not.  This trip to the grocery store was just a full circle of “happies“. Just what the doctor ordered!  I loaded up and climbed into Pepper.  We cranked up the radio and watched the clouds roll by overhead.  I have to say that now I totally get why dogs are obsessed with sticking their heads out of the window. Happy. So very, very happy.


Monday morning.  I just took my dogs for a walk; starting the day with a little (more) fresh air.  It’s a beautiful morning and this is a good thing. Why?  I just realized that we’re almost down to one square out of toilet paper.   Alrighty Pepper.  Saddle up…