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Having a rough Monday so far? Well, I’m about to change all of that. This is from a blog that I follow… “The Kindness Blog”. I guarantee a change in your day once you read through all of these. Promise. I was going to try and list my favorites; but it was just too hard. Do be sure to read the one the one of the gentleman in a dark blue jacket holding a Starbucks coffee. Then get out there and “Do some kindness”… xo
Kindness counts. live happy…

Kindness Blog

This is a follow-up to Human Beings are all Kinds of Awesome-Sauce part one! Enjoy 🙂

old man's letter

chemptherapy superhero for kids

old man holds car door open for his wife

free houses for cats in turkey

man loves his three old dogs

letter of kindness

barber of kindness

little boy and his pink shoes

boy pulling his injured friend - kindness

women and men superheroes

tumblr_mmen in china catch a falling girlA little girl fell from the fourth story of a building, and these men caught her.tumblr_mmen in china catch a falling girl

the cancer is gone

tumblr_myscv4blind and deaf girl feels the vibrations of a singergmyN1s8aoo3o4_1280

A runner collapsed near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, and four other runners picked him up and carried him over the finish line.boston marathon kindness

free cold water - kindness

giving bread to a homeless person

This cute kitty who goes for a walk with this older gentleman regularly.

Dived in the River to Save His Rabbit

free food for the unemployed or poor

kindness to a lonely old man

go humans - kindness

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