who is creations by cathy?

And so who is ”creations by cathy“…? Hmmm… well, that’s kind of a long story. OK, let’s be honest here. I don’t know any short stories. Period. Better that you know that from the start. But I try. Really, I do. In fact, I will try right now. This is gonna be the short story of “Creations”…

Well, let’s see… I started Creations over 11 years ago in July 2002. During that time I specialized in giftware and hand-painted glassware (by yours truly!), participated in about a million different shows and had booths in four different locations (stores) throughout Kansas City (all at different times). Most recently, I had a booth at Trendz Market, an upscale boutique co-op in south Kansas City (151st & Nall for you “locals”!), where I “hung out” for almost four years!!

Everything changed in early 2012. I finally found the inner strength to follow my true passion; a very “Shabby Chic, English/French Country, cottage-y, feminine” sort of look… (How is that for a description!) This meant completely changing EVERYTHING about Creations… my merchandise, logo, business cards, Facebook site as well as the site where you are currently hangin’ out… my Blog (“live happy”)  Whew! (A big “shout out” to BRANDtabulous and my “re-branding buddy/partner-in-crime”, Jerrod!!)

Another big HUGE decision (for me!) in 2013 – a semi-retirement from the world of retail…!  Yep – After eleven years, I am looking forward to enjoying a “non-retail” fall/holiday season!!!  WooHoo!  The exception being that I am still doing special orders on my hand-painted glassware; so no worries there!  What I am SO ENJOYING is my blogging.  It’s really just about my everyday life, thoughts, experiences, dreams, loves, passions…   I think of it as “on line journaling”  another word for free therapy!!  Thank you, so very much,  for listening…  xoxo

So here is a toast to creating yourself, and more importantly, to RE-creating yourself..!  Always.

live happy

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